The right Jewelry for a off-shoulder dress

An off the shoulder dress is a statement in itself. With this striking neckline, you will feel gorgeous, elegant and will look glamorous and confident.
There is always several ways to accessorize an off shoulder dress and the right jewelry will depend on your personal taste and on your dress.

Join us to learn how to strike that impeccable balance between accentuating your outfit and letting the dress's inherent charm shine through. We will guide you through exploring what's the best jewelry depending on your dress's attributes.

Whichever accessories you choose, you will be noticed in an off-shoulder dress. Our suggestion will subtly change the attention direction.


( Choker ) + stud earrings or small drop earrings + thin layered bracelets

Your dress has a lot of details, embellishments and speaks for herself? Don't accessorize too much.

If you have a bold print, or if you want to draw attention to yourself rather than your dress, opt for a choker.

Choose your choker to complement the dress: the simplest is the dress, the boldest is the choker.

If your dress is very detailed, choose a thin choker.

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Statement earrings + statement bracelet

You chose a simple dress, with very light details or not at all? It's time to balance the dress's design with some accessories.

Choose a statement piece for your upper body. We recommend opting for large earrings.

If your off shoulder dress has also a sweetheart decolletage, a princess choker will be a good choice as the statement accessory.

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To focus attention on the neckline, do not wear a necklace.

However, if you decide to complement your look with a necklace, ensure it complements your dress seamlessly. For off-shoulder dresses, our suggestion leans towards a delicate and understated choker.

When it comes to earrings, a less-is-more approach works wonders. Consider subtle studs or short drop earrings to harmonize with nude shoulder dresses effortlessly.

As a final touch, bracelets are a perfect addition, especially if your dress is sleeveless or has short-sleeves. Go for a thin layered bracelet, to recall your earrings and necklace.


A simple dress is the blank canvas for your accessories to shine on.

Simple dresses can be just as magical as elaborated or long trained dresses, especially if you love minimalism. You can play with your accessories to add just the touch of complexity a to your ensemble.

Baroque pearls are an excellent choice for simple off shoulder dresses. The unrivalled elegance of pearls and the modernity of their organic and unique shapes will subtlety light up your style.

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