Bespoke Bridal Necklace - Journey to the Extraordinary with PM Atelier

At PM Atelier, we believe that every bride deserves to shine on her special day. Our journey to create the perfect bridal necklace is always a meticulous and passionate process. Join us as we unveil the craftsmanship, inspiration, and dedication that went into designing these exquisite piece that personify bridal elegance.

How our custom-made process begins

Each bespoke Piece tells a Story.

Our design process begins with inspiration – a combination of timeless bridal trends, contemporary styles, and the bride's dreams.

We draw upon the essence of romance, femininity, and sophistication to create designs that resonate with brides seeking something extraordinary.

At the core of our inspiration is the bride herself – her aspirations, and unique aesthetic. When Molly approached us for her bridal jewelry set, she envisioned something truly distinctive. While each genuine pearl is inherently unique, the freeform shapes of baroque pearls proved to be the perfect starting point for her bespoke journey, a match made in heaven.

Shaping Dreams into Sketches

Bespoke Necklace - the Artistic Rendering Stage

Molly's wedding attire featured a stunning silk gown with a breathtaking open back. Opting for baroque pearls was a deliberate choice to infuse depth and complexity into her ensemble. Notably modern, baroque pearls complemented the contemporary edge of her overall bridal look.

Taking inspiration from her wedding dress shape, we designed a princess choker adorned with 5mm baroque pearls and a central teardrop-shaped pearl, creating a design harmoniously tailored to Molly's individual style.

The Emerging Dream

Bespoke Necklace - Prototyping Stage

Once the design is finalized, we move into the prototyping phase.

This involves bringing the sketches to life in a tangible form, often using less expensive materials.

The bride has the opportunity to see and feel the prototype, providing valuable insights that inform any final adjustments before moving on to the creation of the actual necklace.

A Dream Come True

Hand Crafting Custom-Made Necklace

Crafting a custom necklace requires a meticulous approach to detail.

Our skilled artisans bring the design to life, working with precision to ensure that each component is perfectly crafted.

Molly's necklace was a very special piece to work on. From shaping the overall design to placing each pearl, every element was thoughtfully created to bring life to our initial sketch.

Delivery and Unveiling: A Moment of Elegance

Designing a custom necklace for a bride is more than a creative process; it's a collaborative journey that transforms dreams into tangible, sparkling reality.

Each bespoke necklace tells a story – a story of individuality, elegance, and the radiant beauty of a bride on her special day.

Molly's intention was to find a necklace that would reveal her uniqueness with an infusion of elegance and a modern touch. Unable to find the necklace of her dreams, we embarked on a journey together to craft it into reality.

Alyssa Earrings - Long
Alyssa Earrings - Long
Alyssa Earrings - Long
Alyssa Earrings - Long
Alyssa Earrings - Long
Alyssa Earrings - Long
Alyssa Earrings - Long

Alyssa Earrings - Long

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Immerse yourself in the world of elegance with these modern and one-of-a-kind pieces. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, these earrings feature high-quality keski lustrous pearls that radiate luxury.

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