How to care for your Gold filled Jewellery

Unlike solid gold or platinium, 14k gold filled can tarnish but the good news is: with proper care, it will take a long time! Gold filled Jewellery is far more durable than any other plating type. By reading our article, you will be able to extend your gold filled jewellery durability.

Everyday maintenance of gold filled jewellery

  • We recommend taking off your jewellery at night and keeping it in a small and airtight container.
  • If you've been to the gym or at the beach then rinse your gold filled jewellery in warm water and then dry it with an absorbent soft cloth.

What causes gold filled jewellery to tarnish?

Your gold filled jewellery won’t instantly tarnish if you're doing one of the following activities but it will affect the durability of your pieces. Following those guidelines will help you keep your jewellery bright and beautiful for longer.

  • Swimming pools and hot tubs

The chemicals used are harsh and will damage your gold filled jewellery, don’t forget to take them off.

  • Working out

Getting sweaty while wearing gold filled jewellery is not advised.

  • Cosmetics, cosmetics remover and sun lotion

Be careful while applying sun lotion, perfume or any other chemical as it will affect your jewellery durability.

  • Improper storage

See our last paragraph about how to store your gold filled jewellery.

How clean of gold filled jewellery

From time to time, think of giving a good clean to your jewellery.

  • Fill a large bowl with warm water. 
  • Mix a teaspoon of sensitive skin dish detergent into the warm water thoroughly.
  • Pop your jewellery into the bowl and leave it to soak for 3 minutes.
  • Lift it out and place onto a soft towel, don't rinse yet!
  • Use a super soft toothbrush, and work your way gently along your gold filled jewellery 
  • Rinse under a running tap of warm water. 
  • Place the jewellery on a towel and use a soft cotton cloth to dry as throughly as possible. 

How to store gold filled jewellery

The key is to store your gold filled jewellery somewhere small and airtight. If you are not planning on wearing your jewellery soon, don’t forget to add an anti-tarnish strip in the container.